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Chicago Non-Disclosure Agreement Lawyers

If you’re sharing intellectual property or private financial information about your business, you need a means of recourse if that information is used inappropriately. Confidentiality agreements (also known as non-disclosure agreements) are a critical tool in discouraging others from misusing secret information they learn about your business, as well as for providing a legal recourse should private information shared with signatories to an agreement become public. If you need skilled help creating a confidentiality agreement to protect your Illinois business, contact the non-disclosure agreement lawyers at MacDonald, Lee & Senechalle for a consultation.

When should you consider using a confidentiality agreement?

Illinois business owners should use a confidentiality agreement any time that they want to share confidential information about their company with others while making sure that they have some way to seek compensation if the other party uses that information in an unauthorized way. Some examples include:

  • Presenting a product or invention, and detailed information about that product, to a potential licensee or purchaser
  • Discussing the potential of a partnership with an individual or business
  • Sharing detailed financial information or trade secrets with a potential purchaser
  • An agreement with a service provider if that service entails sharing sensitive information with the provider

What types of information are often included in a business to business confidentiality agreement?

Confidentiality agreements and non-disclosure agreements require a thorough, knowledgeable eye to ensure that your business is as well-protected as possible from indiscriminate uses of your private information. The seasoned Hoffman Estates business law lawyers at MacDonald, Lee & Senechalle have the years of experience and exacting attention to detail that you want in an attorney drafting your confidentiality agreement or NDA. Contact our firm today.

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