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Our Client Bill of Rights

The Des Plaines & Hoffman Estates lawyers at MacDonald, Lee & Senechalle, Ltd. are dedicated to the most experienced legal representation and the best possible client service.


I. RESPONSIVE SERVICE: The client shall have the right to expect their phone call returned by an attorney or staff member on the same business day as received, but in no event later than the next business day after receipt.

II. RESPECTFUL TREATMENT: The client shall be treated with courtesy, compassion and respect.

III. COMPETENT REPRESENTATION: The client shall receive dedicated and competent legal representation during the attorney-client relationship.

IV. INFORMED REPRESENTATION: The client shall have the right to be kept reasonably advised of the progress of the case/matter at reasonable intervals during the attorney-client relationship.

V. REASONABLE FEES: The client shall have the right to be billed a fair and reasonable fee based on the legal services performed.

VI. ADVANCE KNOWLEDGE OF FEES: The client shall have the right to know in advance what fee or fee range will be charged for services performed.

VII. ENGAGEMENT LETTER: The client shall have the right to receive a letter, promptly upon engagement, outlining the scope and objective of the representation and the fee and billing arrangement.

VIII. SOLUTIONS: The client shall have the right to be presented with not only an analysis of the legal issues, but also as many solutions to those issues as are reasonably feasible.

IX. SATISFACTION WITH BILLING AND SERVICE: The client shall have the right to pay only for services which were performed in a manner reasonably satisfactory to the client.

X. EVALUATION OF THE SERVICES PERFORMED: The client shall have the right to evaluate, anonymously if desired, the services performed.

If you need personalized, experienced legal counsel in any of our areas of practice, contact our Hoffman and Des Plaines estate attorneys right away to schedule a consultation. Our knowledge, experience, commitment to client service and our Client Service Guarantee ensure that you will receive the best possible support and the most cost-effective and beneficial solutions to your legal issues. Call today.

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