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Business Dispute Lawyer Serving Illinois

At Pluymert, MacDonald & Lee, Ltd., your business is our priority. Our business dispute lawyer represents companies and individuals involved in a wide range of contentious situations. Some other areas in which we excel are:

  • Construction law disputes. When a property owner and a contractor sign a complex construction contract, disputes may arise. Dispute resolutions are generally defined by the terms of the contract, which outline the obligations and duties of the contractor and the owner of the property. Construction law covers a wide range of legal issues including contracts, bonding, negligence, guarantees and sureties. Construction law affects participants at every level of the construction industry, from banks, engineers, architects and surveyors to planners, builders and construction workers. We can take you through every aspect.
  • Commercial development disputes. Real estate development can be an intricate endeavor, with many interdependent parties. Each party may anticipate certain actions, have needs that are not being met, or requirements that were left out of the original contract. All of this makes the number of potential conflicts exponential. Our firm offers assistance to all parties on such matters, from general contractors and subcontractors to construction companies and developers/real estate owners.
  • Joint venture disputes. A joint venture occurs when two business entities come together to take on one project, with both parties equally invested in the project in terms of money, time, and effort to build on the original concept. While joint ventures are generally small projects, major corporations also use this method from time to time. Disputes may arise for any number of reasons, including self-dealing, breach of fiduciary duty, agreements involving more than two parties, deadlocks, and even fraud.
  • Disputes related to stakeholder interests. Primary stakeholders are people who participate in financial transactions with the company, such as customers, suppliers, stockholders and employees. Secondary, or outside stakeholders, are those who are affected by a company’s actions. Any one of these stakeholders could have a dispute with the associated business, ranging from liquidity and return on investment to job security and ethical products.

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At Pluymert, MacDonald & Lee, Ltd., we value our clients and do everything we can to allow them to reach successful resolutions to their legal issues. Our business dispute lawyer can give you the knowledge you need to make the right decisions, so call our office today.

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