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Unfair Competition Lawyer Serving Illinois

Attorneys for Business, Non-Compete Agreements and Unfair Competition Law

Federal and state business laws in Illinois can protect businesses from unfair competition. Unfair competition can include deceptive business practices that occur within or outside an enterprise, which causes damage to the business. Other laws protect the relationships that are formed with other businesses and individuals. Unfair competition comes in many forms, and each can be devastating to companies and may even have the power to bring about the total demise of a business. If you need a business lawyer in the Chicagoland area who will protect your business from unfair competition, our unfair competition lawyer can help. To learn more about your rights as well as federal and Illinois business laws regarding unfair competition, contact the business law firm of MacDonald, Lee & Senechalle, Ltd.

What are Examples of Unfair Competition in Illinois?

Unfair competition laws, such as the Illinois Trade Secrets Act, prohibit a number of different practices that can damage businesses. The main types of unfair competition include:

  • Economic Relationship Interference – Unlawful interference in a business relationship occurs when another person wrongly interferes with a business relationship that causes monetary damage to the business or businesses in question through unfair or deceptive business practices.
  • Contract Interference – This can take many forms but typically involves interference with the contractual relationship between two or more parties, which results in the failure of one of the parties to fulfill its contractual obligations.
  • Infringing on a Trademark – Trademark infringement occurs when a business or individual attempts to sell a product or service that has a mark, such as a unique name, exclusively owned by another business. Trademark infringement may also include using another company’s marketing slogan, image or similar branding.
  • Trade Secrets – This occurs when a trade secret is obtained or disclosed by unfair means or without the owner’s consent, which is used in a way that causes economic damages to the owner.
  • Breaching Restrictive Covenants – Breaching a restrictive covenant or non-competition agreement often entails a former employee of a business breaching agreed upon restrictions that prohibit certain post-employee activity, such as going to work for a competitor or attempting to steal long-term customers.

If your business has suffered because of a breach of an employment contract, misappropriation of trade secrets or other unfair competition, you should consider legal action to recover damages.

Business Lawyer Handling Unfair Competition Lawsuits

Unfair competition can be very damaging to your business. If a former employee has breached a non-compete agreement or you have dealt with misappropriation of trade secrets, an Illinois unfair competition lawyer from the Hoffman Estates and Des Plaines business law firm of MacDonald, Lee & Senechalle, Ltd. can help you take legal action. Reach out to our business lawyers by calling 847-310-0025.

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