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Shareholder Dispute Attorney Serving Illinois

One of the most important business relationships is the one between a company and its shareholders. The shareholder dispute attorney at MacDonald, Lee & Senechalle, Ltd. understands that that over time, the priorities and goals of your shareholders can change in ways that may lead to disputes. We help companies ranging in size and industry type resolve their shareholder disputes through high quality legal representation.

What Are Common Causes of Shareholder Disputes?

From large, national corporate entities to small, local businesses, all kinds of companies may one day suffer from a loss of trust among its shareholders. This loss of trust is often the cause of many shareholder disputes, but the trigger that caused this distrust can arise due to several contributing factors, including:

  • Breach of contract, partnership deeds or duties
  • Exclusion from meetings
  • Tensions caused by different opinions in ethics, strategy, management and dividend policies
  • Failing to provide essential financial information
  • Holding separate, competing business interests
  • Disparities in salaries among shareholder-employees
  • Lack of commitment to the business or disparities in talent among shareholder-employees
  • Significant disparities in financial commitment to the business

Our Business Lawyers Defend Your Business’s Best Interests

Our shareholder dispute attorney can help you and your shareholders discover the root of the disputed issues before your company is severely affected. We work one-on-one with you, your business and its shareholders to ensure that we handle both the pressing matters and unforeseen legal conflicts that may cause disputes in the future.

The Benefits of Legal Representation

When a shareholder dispute arises, the fallout can harm your business’s daily operations and threaten its very livelihood. Your company requires legal representation with the knowledge and experience that can provide creative solutions to diffuse and solve these conflicts. We understand that when shareholder disputes occur, you also need a law firm that can meet the unique needs of you and your company.

The best defense against shareholder disputes is a good shareholders’ agreement. Creating a formal shareholder agreement before disputes arise can eliminate or at least greatly reduce the difficulty of resolving a dispute later. A clear shareholder agreement also facilitates planning by shareholders for both their and the company’s future. Shareholders’ agreements can be complex. Our Des Plaines and Hoffman Estates attorneys are experienced in predicting issues that may arise and drafting shareholders’ agreements to address those issues.

Fighting for the Rights of You and Your Company

If you want to plan for the future of your business by creating a shareholder agreement before a dispute arises, or if you believe an impending shareholder dispute is threatening your business, or if you are currently involved in a shareholder dispute, we understand that this is a critical time for you and your business. Reach out to our Illinois lawyers today to talk with our firm about how we can help you in a way that honors our Client Bill of Rights in all the legal services we offer.

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