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Illinois Breach Of Employment Contract Lawyer

When an employee breaches a contract, breaches a confidentiality clause, steals proprietary information or violates a non-compete clause, businesses must take immediate action to prevent further harm to the company. Our breach of employment contract lawyer works throughout Chicagoland protecting businesses when contract employees threaten to or breach employment contracts.

The best way for a business to avoid a breach of employment contract is to have qualified legal counsel draft and review any business employment contract from the very beginning. Additionally, an employment attorney should draft and review all employment policies and handbooks, as such policies can sometimes lead to implied employment contracts. However, an employee breach of contract can occur with even the best planning beforehand.

Illinois Employee Breach of Contract Cases

If an employee threatens a breach of contract or engages in a material breach of an agreement, businesses must take immediate action to protect confidential and competitive advantages, including:

  • Trade secrets
  • Proprietary information
  • Intellectual property

Our breach of employment contract lawyer is an experienced business litigator who can pursue temporary restraining orders (TROs), injunctions and lawsuits to stop material breaches and diffuse the situation to protect the company’s assets and bottom line.

Can Employers Sue Employees for Breach of Confidentiality?

Employment contracts are essential agreements for Illinois businesses that employ highly skilled workers to retain employees in an at-will state as well as to protect the company, offer incentives and to list all responsibilities or obligations. An employer can and should pursue legal action against an employee who has breached or threatened to breach a confidentiality clause from an employment contract, also called non-disclosure clauses.

Our Hoffman Estates employment lawyers are ready and able to effectively stop breach of confidentially clauses for businesses through litigation or pursue appropriate damages if the breach has already occurred.

Are Non-Compete Agreements Enforceable in Illinois?

Generally, non-compete clauses are enforceable in Illinois if they are reasonable and have appropriate consideration. However, the law regarding non-compete clauses in Illinois is complex with a number of potential pitfalls. This means that qualified breach of employment contract lawyers must draft and review all non-compete agreements before presentation to an employee.

If an employer suspects a non-compete agreement is being violated either during or after employment, proper legal action must be taken at once to protect the business.

Should My Business Use an Employment Contract Template?

Due to the unique laws in Illinois relating to employment, a business should never use an employment agreement template from an online source without an attorney reviewing and making changes that are specific to your business needs.

Illinois employment contracts protect a business’s substantial assets and other proprietary property; a company should not take a large risk to save a few dollars by using employment contract templates from an online source.

Questions about Employment Contracts? Ask Our Employment Breach of Contract Lawyers

Our Illinois employment breach of contract lawyers represent businesses in drafting and pursuing legal damages for cases involving employee breach of contract. In certain situations, we also advise and represent employees regarding employer contract breaches. If you have a question or need legal representation regarding breach of employment contracts, reach out to our business and breach of contract lawyers at our Des Plaines and Hoffman Estates law offices.

Do not choose a lawyer without fully reviewing their credentials and results. MacDonald, Lee & Senechalle, Ltd. offers both a Client Bill of Rights and Client Service Guarantee to demonstrate that the satisfaction of our business clients is our top priority.

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