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Guardianship may be Necessary to Care for a Minor in Illinois

On rare occasions, courts will appoint someone other than a parent to make decisions about a child’s life. Depending on the reasons for a guardianship proceeding, the decision of a court to insert itself into the care of a child can be a controversial one. If you are facing a minor guardianship proceeding in Illinois, you want legal representation that you can trust to vigorously assert your rights before the court, and help you obtain the best possible result for the child at the center of the case. For legal help with a minor guardianship proceeding in the Chicago area, contact a guardianship lawyer of MacDonald, Lee & Senechalle for a consultation.

What is guardianship?

On a certain limited basis, Illinois courts will appoint a guardian over an individual, giving a state-appointed representative a legal right to make decisions on that individual’s behalf. There are two main types of guardianship of a minor in Illinois: guardianship of a person and guardianship of an estate.

Guardianship of a person

When a parent can no longer care for their child, either due to physical disability, addiction, incarceration, or some other serious event, the state can appoint a legal guardian to care for the child. Permanent legal guardianships allow someone who is not a child’s biological parent to make decisions about medical care, education, or public benefits for that child. Courts can appoint permanent legal guardians in the following instances: where a parent is no longer able to make these sorts of decisions on their child’s behalf; the parent is notified that a hearing will be held regarding a guardianship application and they do not attend; or the parent agrees to the guardianship or relinquishment of physical custody. The guardianship attorneys at MacDonald, Lee & Senechalle can assist you in seeking a permanent legal guardianship before Illinois courts in the Chicago area.

Guardianship of an estate

When a minor is awarded a substantial sum of money (over $10,000) from an inheritance, personal injury settlement, or otherwise, the state will often require the creation of a minor guardianship estate. When a minor guardianship estate is created, the court will require that the funds in question be placed in a restricted account. Restricted accounts allow access to funds only where a court order exists. Our family law attorneys at MacDonald, Lee & Senechalle are experienced in advising families and guardians on the management of guardianship of minor estates, and can help you or your family manage this process.

Experienced and Compassionate Representation in Chicago Area Guardianship Proceedings

For assistance with a minor guardianship proceeding in Illinois, contact a detail-oriented, effective, and knowledgeable guardianship lawyer at MacDonald, Lee & Senechalle for a consultation, in Hoffman Estates at 847-310-0025, and in Des Plaines at 847-298-5030.

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