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How Can an Attorney Help Me Reinstate My Nonprofit Status?

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An attorney can help you reinstate your nonprofit organization by first, determining where reinstatement is necessary.

Nonprofit organizations have compliance with three key agencies. That’s first with the Secretary of State’s office. Second with a charitable trust bureau of the Illinois Attorney General’s office, and then also the Internal Revenue Service.

First determine which agency you’ve fallen out of compliance with and then taking the necessary steps to reinstate. With the Secretary of State’s office, it can be as simple as filing and application for reinstatement and all delinquent annual reports. With the Illinois Attorney General’s office, depending on how you lost your status and what’s needed to regain that status.

Typically, you need to re-register with that office and an attorney can help you pull together your registration packet that consistent with your current organization’s charter document and also its current activities, noting any changes that may have been filed with the Internal Revenue Service or may need to be filed with the Internal Revenue Service.

That documentation packet would include a registration form. At least three years worth of annual financial forms. They’re typically called the aging 990 IL, that’s your annual report to be filed with the attorney General’s office and any additional supplemental documents such as your articles of incorporation, your by laws, and at the very least a listing of your key players along with confirmation of tax exempt status granted by the Internal Revenue Service.

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