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How Do I Leverage My Customers and Connections to Improve My Business?

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Lastly, your customers and connections. The people involved in your business. Who are your customers? Not just your present customers, but also past customers. Those are relationships that you can rekindle, but they can also be an indicator of where you can get future business.

And then obviously focusing on possibly future customer relationships. Where are they located and what value do you offer them or what value can you offer to them? And your key connections. Similar focus with the customers, who are they? What relationships form the basis of those key connections? Are they family connections? Are they business connections through accountants, insurance agents or brokers or financial planners?

Making sure you understand where those relationship come from and how you can continue to maintain those relationships. How do you communicate with your customers and those key connections. Do you use social media, be it linked to inner facebook? Do you use email or other written communications through periodic mailings or face to face. Knowing all of that is important to your business success.

To sum it all up, be sure to assess your advisor relationships knowing who they are. Your business structure. Retailing and then also focusing on your cash position, your customers and those key connections. And most importantly, take action. Take action to strengthen those relationships and to improve your cash position.

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